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Autodafe Module Pack for VCV Rack FREE: A collection of 13 additional modules for VCV Rack: LFO, 1x8 and 2x8 Multiples, Clock Divider,.. Product #: VCVRACKMODPACK based on 0 reviews Regular price: $0.00 $0.00

Autodafe Module Pack for VCV Rack

Autodafe Module Pack for VCV rack contains 11 modules:

  • LFO module with CV Input
  • Simple but handy 1x8 and 2x8 Multiples
  • Clock Divider
  • 8-Steps and 16-Steps Sequencers
  • 8x16 Trigger Sequencer
  • Fixed Filter Bank
  • Multimode Filter
  • Formant Filter
  • Foldback distortion
  • Bitcrusher
  • Phaser

My VCV Rack Modules Pack works on Mac/PC/Linux using Rack 0.4.0 (current release at the moment), not with 0.3.2 or earlier versions. 



1) Put the Product in your cart, checkout and then download the ZIP File.

2) Inside the ZIP there's a folder named "Autodafe". Extract it in your /Documents/Rack/plugins/ folder (MAC) or /Rack/plugins (PC/Linux). Final Path should be: Rack/plugins/Autodafe

3) Run Rack, you should be able to see the modules with right-click. If something doesn't work just delete the "Autodafe" folder in Rack/plugins and launch Rack again.

4) If they work on your system and you like the results, please consider a donation or buy the Blank Panel... I spent countless hours developing these modules, and more will come shortly.

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