I recenly got a second-hand E-mu ESI-32 for cheap, the unit came with a Iomega ZIP drive that was mounted in an external case (NB: it's not the usual "purple" standalone ZIP Drive, which has a d-sub 25 pin connector).
I decided to mount the ZIP Drive internally, replacing the useless Floppy Disk drive, and I also ordered a ZuluSCSI Board to get additional and bigger CD images onto it.

I decided to have them both connected at the same time. The connection is really easy.


You will need a 50-pin ribbon cable (try Amazon or some second-hand shop in your area) with at least three "female" connectors. One connector (on one end) will connect to the ESI-32 board, the other one to the ZIP (using the 50-pin male connector on the back) and the last one to the ZuluSCSI (whcih comes with a 50-pin male connector as well). I didn't have to manage termonation and all that stuff, everything worked "out of the box".
I then moved th SCSI ID of the sampler to 0, the ZIP is set to ID=1, so I have all other SCSI IDS form 2 to 7 free for the .iso images on the Zulu.

The ZuluSCSI doesn't even need to be powered with the Molex connector, it simply takes its power from the SCSI bus (from the ribbon cable). This seems to give enough current to power both the ZIP drive and the Zulu.

Here's a short video demonstrating it:

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