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I recenly got a second-hand E-mu ESI-32 for cheap, the unit came with a Iomega ZIP drive that was monted in an external case (NB: it's not the usual "purple" standalone ZIP Drive, which has a d-sub 25 pin connector).
I decided to mount the ZIP Drive internally, replacing the useless Floppy Disk drive, and I also ordered a ZuluSCSI Board to get additional and bigger CD images onto it.

I decided to have them both connected at the same time. The connection is really easy.

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My tracks are available for streaming on Spotify:

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I recently discovered an Open Source project called Minidexed, which basically uses a Raspberry PI in "bare metal" mode, with a fork of the wonderful Dexed synth, which allows to emulate 8 DX7 on a single Raspberry, much like the old TX816.

Each "instance" can have its own voice, and you can load different Banks of sounds.

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R8 01

I recently found a second hand Roland R8 for cheap, in decent conditions but WITHOUT the Power Supply. I discovered only later that the Power Supply on this Roland Drum Machine (and on the Roland R5 too, apparently) is NOT a standard Power Supply like the one used on most electronic devices, but it uses a proprietary +10/-10 Volts PSU with an uncommon connector.

I Googled a bit and found some replacement PSUs, but they were about 70 euros each. This was exactly what I paid for the Roland R8 and I really didn't want to spend the same amount for JUST THE PSU!!!

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It looks like there's a known bug in SoundPaint, apparently on MACs only where, after downloading some content, the "unpacking" process simply halts with a "error occurred - please restart downloading" and nothing else.

Actually, this seems to be a problem with the "standard" Unarchiver app on MACs, which is used to unpack (or to "unrar") this file

The whole download, at least in the case of the Free Piano, is made by 8 parts. Here they are along with the "unpacked" folder that was created by the downloader, which is nearly empty (just one file in it):

sounpaint error 01

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