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I recently discovered an Open Source project called Minidexed, which basically uses a Raspberry PI in "bare metal" mode, with a fork of the wonderful Dexed synth, which allows to emulate 8 DX7 on a single Raspberry, much like the old TX816.

Each "instance" can have its own voice, and you can load different Banks of sounds.

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It looks like there's a known bug in SoundPaint, apparently on MACs only where, after downloading some content, the "unpacking" process simply halts with a "error occurred - please restart downloading" and nothing else.

Actually, this seems to be a problem with the "standard" Unarchiver app on MACs, which is used to unpack (or to "unrar") this file

The whole download, at least in the case of the Free Piano, is made by 8 parts. Here they are along with the "unpacked" folder that was created by the downloader, which is nearly empty (just one file in it):

sounpaint error 01

Here's how to fix that:

We will be performing a "manual" unpack of the files
VERY IMPORTANT: when you get the error, DON'T CLICK the RED CROSS icon to close the dialog, otherwise the downloaded files will be erased!
just go to the folder where you have downloaded all the parts, and double click the file with .001 extension. Choose where to unpck it (It can be the same folder where you downlaoded the library)

This will start the unpack operation, wait until all parts have been successfully extracted from the archives (this might take a while).


sounpaint error 02

After the unpacking has been completed, you can click the RED CROSS icon to close the dialog. This will erase all the "compressed parts" you have downloaded and leave the uncompressed where they are.





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Here's my latest track compoesed almost entirely with a newly restored Kawai 100F (except drums and some effects)

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I recently found a 360 Systems MIDI Bass Pro for cheap and bought it. It's the "Rack" version of the "Desktop" MIDI Bass and It has 8 sounds on board.

The unit can be expanded by installing other sounds using EPROMs, it has 16 slots in total and only 5 of them are used by default.


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I have recently built an Erica Synth DIY System and needed to program the Atmega328P for the module.
A friend on a Facebook group suggested to use a "regular" Arduino Uno Board that uses an Atmega328, and swap it with the one I needed to program.
Cool, good idea, but the MIDI-CV firmware ony comes in .hex format, so you cannot load it into the Arduino IDE. But there's a workaround using avrdude and "spying" what the Arduino IDE does when uploading.

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