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I have build a Norns DIY, called Fates
Fates is basically a DIY  DAC "shield" (or board) for a Rasperry Pi4. The behavious is 100% compatible with the Original Monome Norns.

Here's a first example just 5 minutes after I had finished building it.

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This summer I discovered (I know I was late to the party) all Mutable Instruments "old" projects like the Shruthi, Ambika and Anushri and built them all (many praises to the genius of Emilie Gillet...).

The last synth I built was the Shruthi-XT (I alreaday had a Shruthi-1) and this time I decided to go all the way, ordered a beautiful Metal Case from Adrian Hallik, I decided to go "all white" with white panel, white knobs abd blue screend and leds. The case is a bit expensive (it's not just acrylic, after all) but it's really superb-looking and well built.

The result was pretty satisfying to say the least and  am very happy with it ;-)

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I have always wanted to use more than one CV Pal Modules on my MAC. They are quite reliable and inexpensive (a full kit is about 30 euros on Thonk, plus there are PCB/Panels options everywhere).
The module is super easy to build, just a few thru hole components, I built 2 in an hour or maybe less. You get USB-MIDI with some additional configurable options as well.


There's only one minor problem: if you want to use more than one unit on your system, you can't. Unless you re-program the Attiny84 that comes with the Kit (or program if you have a new Attiny)

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Here's the PDF of the Owner's manual and the original presets of the Crumar Bit 99, a vintage Italian Synthesizer


FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (crumar-bit-99-owners-manual.pdf)Crumar Bit 99 Manual 795 kB
Download this file ( Bit 99 Presets 17 kB
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My Prophet 600 was fully working, except for the keyboard and its contacts. All buttons and knobs were OK, MIDI as well...but only a few of the keys worked, so I decided to take it apart and restore the keypads

First, unscrew all screws from the wooden sided and open the Prophet 600. Un screw the screws on the bottom to remove the keyboard assembly then unscrew the 2 long baords that keep the gum keypads in place. Gently remove all keypads (those keypads were used everywhere in the eighties, on Korgs, Rolands and so on.

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