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I recently found a 360 Systems MIDI Bass Pro for cheap and bought it. It's the "Rack" version of the "Desktop" MIDI Bass and It has 8 sounds on board.

The unit can be expanded by installing other sounds using EPROMs, it has 16 slots in total and only 5 of them are used by default.


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Here's my latest track compoesed almost entirely with a newly restored Kawai 100F (except drums and some effects)

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I finally managed to find some time to solder Jasper MIDI interface and to host it into the mahogany case I started building last July.

Here's the result, not 100% perfect maybe but I am quite happy on how it turned out, those recessed MIDI connectors in particular ;-)


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I have recently built an Erica Synth DIY System and needed to program the Atmega328P for the module.
A friend on a Facebook group suggested to use a "regular" Arduino Uno Board that uses an Atmega328, and swap it with the one I needed to program.
Cool, good idea, but the MIDI-CV firmware ony comes in .hex format, so you cannot load it into the Arduino IDE. But there's a workaround using avrdude and "spying" what the Arduino IDE does when uploading.

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Here's quick walkthru of Patterns 01-64 of the Sonicware Liven 8bit Warps

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