I recently built a custom 3x2 stand for my Korg Volcas.
I had a look around on the Net, there are plenty of projects and templates, but none was right for my idea.

I took the template from a template file created by Oliver Dowie that can be downloaded HERE. The one he created is only 2x2 and has big wooden sides in order to keep the line of Volca inclinated.

I decide to go flat and modified his sides, keeping the Volcas flat with the surface they are laid on.
I cut 2 10cm x 58cm stripes of wood (the Volcas are +/- 19 cm. each) for the bottom pieces.
This way I can simply put the three volcas side by side and they fit quite well in the case, once it is screwed.

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Quick demo video I made some time ago, using a Modular Audio Device Core - Future Sounds Systems BRUNSWICK.
Modular Audio Device Core is a 8 channel MIDI-CV converter, still in development bu Modular Audio Device.

Here I am using it connected to Logic (who also provides the drums) to control a Future Sounds Systems BRUNSWICK


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I have build a Norns DIY, called Fates
Fates is basically a DIY  DAC "shield" (or board) for a Rasperry Pi4. The behavious is 100% compatible with the Original Monome Norns.

Here's a first example just 5 minutes after I had finished building it.

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Here's a very short demotrack of Wetlicht Per|former controlled by a Novation Launchpad, sequencing my Eurorack percussive rig


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This summer I discovered (I know I was late to the party) all Mutable Instruments "old" projects like the Shruthi, Ambika and Anushri and built them all (many praises to the genius of Emilie Gillet...).

The last synth I built was the Shruthi-XT (I alreaday had a Shruthi-1) and this time I decided to go all the way, ordered a beautiful Metal Case from Adrian Hallik, I decided to go "all white" with white panel, white knobs abd blue screend and leds. The case is a bit expensive (it's not just acrylic, after all) but it's really superb-looking and well built.

The result was pretty satisfying to say the least and  am very happy with it ;-)

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