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You can chose the Free Version or the Supporter Version.
If you can afford it and want to support my work, please consider the SUPPORTER version.

The two versions of the downloads are identical. No restrictions in the free version.

This Decent Sampler started as a personal project for myself, then evolved into something else.


Mega Drums Collection contains samples from 166 Drum Machines in total

Most of the samples have been around since forever, I believe, I simply started to organize them a bit.

What has been done:

  • Each kit has been mapped in a General Midi format (more or less, many old drum machines only have 4-5 sounds)
  • Each Kit has a Filter with Cutoff and Resonance, A Delay with Time and Feedback, adn a Reverb with Size and Mix Controls

It tooks hours and hours getting the kits ready. The Collection is free but please consider buying the "Supporter Edition" which is Only 5 Euros.
You can also donate after checkout .

To download the kit you simply have to put it in the cart and follow the checkout procedure.
At the end you will receive download links by email, if you register for an account you can access them anytime just by logging to my website (check "Your Account-->Downloads" menu at the top).

Installation: simply unzip the file and open the .dslibrary file


Video Demo:


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