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Autodafe Blank Panel for VCV Rack The Beautiful Blank Panel: made of pure white pixels, use it to protect your Rack from virtual dust .. Product #: VCVRACKBP based on 1 reviews Regular price: $5.00 $5.00

Autodafe Blank Panel for VCV Rack

Price: €5.00

My only commercial module so far: The Blank Panel

  • Made of pure white pixels, from sustainable sources
  • Protects your Rack form virtual dust
  • Beautifully integrates in your setup
  • Avoids gaps and empty spaces in your Rack
  • Easily customizable (jus modify the SVG file in the "/res" folder)
  • Supports the creation of other FREE modules like Autodafe Modules Pack and Autodafe Drum Kit for VCV Rack

    Works on Mac/PC/Linux using Rack v.0.5.0. It doesn't work in earlier versions.


1) Put the Product in your cartcheckout and then download the ZIP File.

2) Inside the ZIP there's a folder named "Autodafe-BlankPanel".  Extract it in your /Documents/Rack/plugins/ folder (MAC or PC) or /Rack/plugins (Linux). Final Path should be: Rack/plugins/Autodafe-BlankPanel

3) Run Rack, you should be able to see the modules with right-click. If something doesn't work just delete the "Autodafe-BlankPanel" folder in Rack/plugins and launch Rack again.

Alain on 17-10-2017 01:02 PM
Très ingénieux ! Voilà l'élément indispensable qui manquait.
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