Autodafe Drum Kit for VCV Rack contains:

  • Kick Module
  • Snare Module
  • Closed HiHats Module
  • Open HiHats Module
  • Claps Module
  • Cymbals Module
  • Ride Module
  • Rim/Claves Module
  • 8-Channels Drum Mixer

The collection is FREE, I of course welcome and encourage a donation at checkout.

My VCVDrum Kits Pack works on Mac/PC/Linux using Rack 0.6.x (current release at the moment), not with 0.5.0 or earlier versions.


Each Drum Module contains samples from Roland TR-808, TR-909. CR-78, Korg Minipops, LinnDrum, Alesis HR-16. EMU-Sp-12, Oberheim DMX. Samples have been obtained from free web resources that have been around forever, and are believed to be royalty free...(namely, this archive)

My Plugins for VCV Rack are now distributed in the official VCV Plugin Manager:



1) Put the Product in your cartcheckout and then download the ZIP File.

2) Inside the ZIP there's a folder named "Autodafe-Drums".  Extract it in your /Documents/Rack/plugins/ folder (MAC) or [YOUR INSTALL PATH]/Rack/plugins (PC/Linux). Final Path should be: Rack/plugins/Autodafe-Drums

3) Run Rack, you should be able to see the modules with right-click. If something doesn't work just delete the "Autodafe-Drums" folder in Rack/plugins and launch Rack again.

4) If they work on your system and you like the results, please consider a donation or buy the Blank Panel... I spent countless hours developing these modules, more will come shortly.

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