This Kontakt library (Requires Kontakt 5.6.5 Full - won't work in Kontakt Player) started as a personal project for myself, then evolved into something else.
The library contains samples of about 150 old, vintage, obscure, rare and hard to find drum machines.

The samples have been around since forever, I believe, I simply started to organize them a bit.

What has been done:

  • Each kit has been mapped in a General Midi format (more or less, many old drum machines only have 4-5 sounds)
  • Each kit has been divided into 5 groups: Kicks, Snares, Hats, Cymbals and Toms
  • Each Group has custom controls for tuning, panning and volume
  • Each kit has custom graphics

Download: Simply put the item in your cart and follow the checkout procedure. It's free, but if you can leave a donation when checking out it's appreciated.



djyisusvnz on 31-12-2016 12:16 AM
genial aporte, gracias por todo espero que sigan contribuyendo de esta manera.
sebastian on 03-01-2017 03:43 PM
Thanks a lot for this awesome retro pack. I love it!!! It's just what I was looking for.
MUST on 12-09-2017 08:09 PM
j'ai pas trouvé le lien pour télécharger
Synthoshi on 22-09-2017 12:13 PM
SuperB!!!! Thanks for this awesome collection of drum machines.
arian on 14-01-2018 06:24 AM
gracias esto esta genial !!!!!!!
sebastian on 03-10-2022 11:00 PM
Muy buena la coleccion de audios me sirvio muchisimo.. gracias
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